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ACT sports grounds are open but for discretionary use only however following an inspection of the grounds there is still substantial pooling of water on all fields.  To preserve grounds from damage for Saturday game day play we ask that Kaleen and Giralang fields not be used for training for the remainder of this week (Thursday 28th and Friday 29th July)


Due to remediation work Kaleen fields 1 and 2 have been closed, so all of the AIA Vitality MiniRoos (U5 - U9) games have been moved to fields 3 - 6. Refer to Junior Football page for the new draws.


Urgent message for U10 - U18 teams: The yellow competitive shirts that were delivered at the beginning of the season were not of the quality that we were promised and the supplier has just arrange replacements to be delivered.  We need to return the old shirts by 15 August, we have sent a request to your managers/coaches to arrange collection of the old shirts after this weeks game please bring a change of shirt to your game and hand over your old shirts to your manager/coach (message posted 20 July 2016)


Belnorth FC at Kanga Cup 2016

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